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Welcome to the Ducati League

Where do I start?

It's easy! If you want to try Ducati style, please download and install BZFlag and join us on one of our public servers (search for "ducati" in the server list after launching the game; you can play on any non-"official match server").

Current public servers:
  • ducati.bzflag.net:5154 (Classic Ducati-style FFA [Germany])
  • ducati.bzflag.net:5156 (Ducati style CTF [Germany])
  • ducati.bzflag.net:5157 (Ducati style CTF + rogue [Germany])
  • ducati.bzflag.net:5158 (Hold the Flag (HTF) *beta testing* [Germany])
  • bacon.allejo.io:5156 (Ducati Public CTF Server [New York])
  • BRL.ARPA.NET:5157 (Public Ducati style [California])

If you find it interesting and want to join our league, you must register your callsign by creating an account on Official forums for BZFlag.org and then log in here - your league account will be instantly created! Please register only one callsign in Ducati League. Multiple callsigns per player are not allowed.

If you have any login problems, check our FAQ.

How can I spawn on official servers?

You need spawn privilege to play or talk on official servers, which is assigned by the Ducati Council. You can ask for it by logging in and posting your request as a "new entry" on the Spawnlist. Requests are usually processed within a couple of days. In the meantime, please review the Rules. Remember, you may request spawn privilege for only one callsign.

Current official servers:
  • fr.bzflag.allejo.io:59998 (Official Ducati League Match Server [France])
  • fr.bzflag.allejo.io:59999 (Official Ducati League Match Server [France])
  • bzflag.allejo.io:59998 (Official Ducati League Match Server [New Jersey])
  • bzflag.allejo.io:59999 (Official Ducati League Match Server [New Jersey])
  • BRL.ARPA.NET:59998 (Official Ducati League Match Server[California])
  • BRL.ARPA.NET:59999 (Official Ducati League Match Server (no lag limits) [California])

How do I find other players?

Use Strayer's league player-finder to locate players who are online in BZFlag. For out-of-game chatting, you can also join us on IRC at irc.freenode.net ##ducleague.

Latest news

2015-03-02 14:02:25
By: kierra
ChesVal Winter 2015 Cup:
Many thanks to the Captains/co-captains, hosts, team players and all the observers who made this event a success.
NA took it in 2 matches 5-0 and 5-1.
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Time Teams Result
1 month agoNoah's Ark - BlazeOfGlory6 - 1
2 months agoRedivivus - BlazeOfGlory2 - 0
2 months agoDamned - Vitamin bz [Vbz]5 - 1
2 months agoDamned - Vitamin bz [Vbz]3 - 0
3 months agoNoah's Ark - BlazeOfGlory4 - 0

Pos. Team Rating
1. Redivivus1421
2. Razzmatazz1161
3. White Squall1153
4. Vitamin bz [Vbz]1124

Name Joined
hw*4 days ago
Gearthlast week
No14 weeks ago
17xina011 month ago
etigah2 months ago