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Welcome to the Ducati League

How to start?

It's easy!
If you want to try ducati style, please download and install BZFlag and join us on one of public servers.

If you find it interesting and want to join a league, you had to register here and then log in here - your league account will be create in same moment!

Login problems?
Check FAQ!

What should I do to spawn on match servers?

You need a spawn privilege, which is assigned by Ducati Council. You can ask for it here.

How to find other players?

Use Strayer's league player-finder
Join us on irc (irc.freenode.net ##ducleague)

Latest news

2014-06-05 15:11:26
By: kierra
Chesval Cup
Saturday, July 12
Time: 18 UTC
Where: brad & Allejo servers, port TBA
Europe captains: brad & grysek
North America captains: orbit & slime
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Time Teams Result
4 days agoSirens - Vitamin bz [Vbz]2 - 2
4 days agoVitamin bz [Vbz] - Sirens2 - 2
6 days agoSirens - Noah's Ark4 - 0
6 days agoNoah's Ark - Sirens5 - 1
7 days agoNoah's Ark - Reptiles4 - 0

Pos. Team Rating
1. No Limit1541
3. Noah's Ark1503
4. Riff Raff1291
5. Sirens1241

Name Joined
Abstract Concept6 days ago
thewarrior96 days ago
GreenBlader7 days ago
hookah22 weeks ago
admirarch2 weeks ago